Partnership Agreement Short Form

A partnership agreement is a document that formalizes the partnership of two or more people (not a husband and wife) in their ownership of a for-profit business. This is the Partnership Agreement Short Form. If you would like additional specificity and flexibility in termination of the partnership, buyout of a partner and other subjects, you may want to use our Partnership Agreement Long Form which is also available on this site. Among others, this form includes the following key provisions:

  • Name of Business: Identifies the Name of the business
  • Principal Place of Business: Identifies the principal place of business, this identifies the residence of the business for legal purposes
  • Term: Clarifies the term of the agreement
  • Capital Contribution: Identifies the amount of capital to be contributed
  • Profits and Losses: Describes how profits and losses will be shared among the partners
  • Management: Clarifies the management of the partnership

This attorney-prepared packet contains:

  1. Instructions and Checklist for the Partnership Agreement;
  2. Information about the Partnership Agreement; and
  3. Partnership Agreement (Short Form)