Landlord Consent To Lease Assignment

When a tenant chooses to assign his/her lease in a dwelling to another, the original lease often requires that for such an assignment to be valid, the landlord must consent to the assignment. The following document is a Landlord’s Consent to Assignment. It simply states that the landlord will allow the assignment; however, depending on the provisions of your original lease, the original tenant may still be responsible for the performance of the lease if the assignee (the new tenant) fails in his duties (e.g. to pay the rent). This form should only be used if a separate sublease agreement is not being used. If there is a separate sublease agreement, please use our Landlord’s Consent to Sublease instead of this form.

This package contains: (1) Instructions and Checklist for the Landlord’s Consent; (2) Information about the Landlord’s Consent; and (3) The Landlord’s Consent to Assignment (the Consent).