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by Trish R

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General Power Of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney Form designates a person to handle the business, financial and legal affairs of another person, either for a specific function or for overall day-to-day needs. Get advice on powers of attorney from Tweed Heads lawyers Save You Legal. For example, a Power of Attorney may be used where one person is unable to personally attend to a specific legal affair or piece of business, and wishes to have a designated representative handle the matter on his or her behalf. In a more tragic example, a Power of Attorney may be used in situations where a person’s mental or physical capacities leave him or her unable to make decisions. Key provisions this form includes:

  • Principal’s and Agent’s name and address: Identifies the Principal and the Agent
  • Power to enter binding contracts on Principal’s behalf: Grants the Agent the power to enter contracts for the Principal
  • Power to maintain, manage, and insure Principal’s property: Allows the Agent to take care of the Principal’s property
  • Power to make gifts and charitable contributions of Principal’s property: Provides for Agent being able to make gifts on Principal’s behalf

This attorney prepared packet includes:

  1. Instructions & Checklist for General Power of Attorney
  2. Information for General Power of Attorney
  3. General Power of Attorney form
  4. State Law Compliance: This form complies with local laws.